Friday, October 26, 2007

Sam's knucklehead wins.

On September 22nd of this year the Dickheads a.k.a. Dickhead Choppers held their annual benefit / kick ass party. Allot of money was raised for a good cause. Plenty of great chow and cold beer was thrown back while amid all the fun, people took the time to vote on all the kool bikes that lined the parking lot. Someone thought it would be a fun trick to play on Machete Choppers to give out the "best in show" award to Sam and the Green (Slime) Nightmare knucklehead. Actually it was no joke, and of course it was an honor to have the Dickheads award him the trophy. Thanks to Little John Lewis of Xtreme Cycle Tech, Panhead Mike, (for helping fix the broken top motor mount) and all the A-Town crew. Laz, Flaar, Honda Klub, BJ, Slim and all the rest. You know who you are. Days like this make it all worth while. F.T.W. C.F.L. HELLA-FUN!!!

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