Friday, October 26, 2007

Sam's knucklehead wins.

On September 22nd of this year the Dickheads a.k.a. Dickhead Choppers held their annual benefit / kick ass party. Allot of money was raised for a good cause. Plenty of great chow and cold beer was thrown back while amid all the fun, people took the time to vote on all the kool bikes that lined the parking lot. Someone thought it would be a fun trick to play on Machete Choppers to give out the "best in show" award to Sam and the Green (Slime) Nightmare knucklehead. Actually it was no joke, and of course it was an honor to have the Dickheads award him the trophy. Thanks to Little John Lewis of Xtreme Cycle Tech, Panhead Mike, (for helping fix the broken top motor mount) and all the A-Town crew. Laz, Flaar, Honda Klub, BJ, Slim and all the rest. You know who you are. Days like this make it all worth while. F.T.W. C.F.L. HELLA-FUN!!!

Green Slime Nightmare.

The green (slime) nightmare in all it's glory. Knucklehead power meets six into four Baker Transmission and 1.5 inch Tech Cycle primary delivery system. Jockey shifter and suicide clutch of course. A real Ed Roth ratfink inspired freakshow, complete with bicycle grips and Z-bars. Moon oil tank with mounting hardwear along with brass knuckle kicker peddle courtesy of Fabicator Kevin Iron Horse magazine December 2006 saw fit to show off SLIME, the sick & twisted wetdream of Sam Herron. This bike by Machete's Chopper Shop has been in The Horse ( Backstreet Choppers ) & Barnetts magazines as well. The Larry Influence is the name of the Iron Horse article. The pictures by Doug Mitchel are presented in a first rate fashion, and show off the Robert E Pradke paint job in all it's green SLIME splendor. Available today. World Domination beckons!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

King Crimson Special.

Sam's bad ass King Crimson shovel!!! This 103" S&S shovelhead is pure Machete's magic. This bike rides like nothing you've ever been on. The King Crimson Special will be pictured along with Sam's green ( Slime ) knucklehead in a soon to be released book which will be available at all Borders and Barnes & Noble book stores nationwide.
The bike features many Machete's prototypes, later refined on the Slime Knucklehead. Baker six speed transmission. Also featured is an amazing paint job courtesy of Robert E Pradke of Custom Auto Design in Eastford Ct. Pictures do not do the bike or the paint justice!!! Hopefully one day soon you can see it in person and say hello to Sam. He is very approachable, even for a Machete wielder.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Machete's is born.

Machete's Chopper Shop is born. Tuff as nails and ready to slice some shit up. We've lost the baggage from our last collective and start out with a leaner meaner approach. Only the most hard-core bikes and merchandise will bare the Mechete name. No more fucking around. Look holmes, you roll on a Machete bike, or with the gear you demand respect. No chrome barges tolerated. Old skool kool and new skool style. Get with the program. Machete's rockin the streets of A-Town to scare soccer moms and corrupt the youth of America. Stale unimaginative bikers beware. These are not your everyday run of the mill 9 to 5 creations. The A-Town veteranos got something for ya. LOUD, FAST and full of attitude. This is a call to arms, and a way of life. Machete's Chopper Shop the cutting edge of hardcore!!! Can you dig it??? "Nobody can mess with this!!!"